Artist Statement – Elizabeth – Serreau 2021

After a long day of rain, if the sun finally comes through the clouds, the reflection of the sky on the wet sand at low tide, blurs the line of the horizon. There is a moment when one walks on sky in water,  or water in sky.  One momentarily imagines oneself floating in a fragile bubble of air and water, our planet.

The theme of reflected light interests me, because it takes us to another visual reality, an “other side” of what we usually see.

I worked on this theme of reflections of light on water, and explored further the blurring of our horizon-based, nature-repressing, vision of the world. I pushed further into the theme of light during the time of the confinement.  I began studying the shadows projected from the windows onto the studio floor, the walls and the paintings themselves. The play of the light, as if through water, created fascinating shadows of plants moving in the wind outside. There was a dreamlike quality to the shapes and forms projected by the light, which hinted at an other side of reality, in the same way that light, reflected on water and sand, can blur our visual reality.

I use oils on  wood board or canvas, and I have worked in monotype and have created frescoes.  For drawings, I use  pen and ink and colored inks or water colors.