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Continuing the Ocean/Sky Reflections


The Latest

These monotypes were created during a workshop at Crow’s Shadow Art Center, Umatilla Reservation, near Pendleton. It is part of the PNCA Continuing Education certificate program I have entered this year. I have learned a lot during this workshop. The first few days were spent trying to get back into printing and getting familiar with colored inks. I had  done color monotype only once before,  and never really practised good registration when printing. Now I do… Frank, Debbie and Marie were great teachers. The studio was a luxurious, generous and exciting place.  After slogging through the three first days, I had inspiration in the last hours and figured out what I needed to do. It went very fast from then on.


More Trees…

This week was fruitful

I had time to finish the forest scenes and the Crescent Beach cloud scenes.  The beach scenes are the result of a 30 minute walk at the end of a rainy day  in November, when the clouds and sun engaged in a spectacle to end all spectacles. Every minute the scene, the light, the shape of the clouds were changing.  Here’s to the beauty of Oregon, an attempt at catching the spirit of it.

CrescentBeach1CrescentBeach2and here is the latest forest scene from FranceBoisLaCote2

Pen and Ink Drawings

Here’s an Urban sketch done a year ago or so, during the class at PNCA. Love spending the time with the details,

so its back to pen and ink in between paintings.

From Darkness into Light and Back again


Last spring we had three days of uninterrupted  rain. The world became a symphony of greys.

Then the light came back, things started to grow again.


After a Summer of drought and intense light, I am preparing a series on the theme of coming out of darkness. I’ll need that for the winter.

Leaves 2


Summer Work

I worked on the trees again in France this Summer, but I also worked on the shoes and boots series.