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Pen and Ink Drawings

Here’s an Urban sketch done a year ago or so, during the class at PNCA. Love spending the time with the details,

so its back to pen and ink in between paintings.

From Darkness into Light and Back again


Last spring we had three days of uninterrupted  rain. The world became a symphony of greys.

Then the light came back, things started to grow again.


After a Summer of drought and intense light, I am preparing a series on the theme of coming out of darkness. I’ll need that for the winter.

Leaves 2


Summer Work

I worked on the trees again in France this Summer, but I also worked on the shoes and boots series.

Winter into Spring Series

Last winter, I have worked slowly but surely on a theme I love and find very versatile: old shoes. .. They tells stories, if we take time to look closely.

My Boots

My Boots




Summer Work


This Summer I have worked on landscapes in France as I did last year, and on a few other themes, which brought on this piece. I applied the gesso with the flat of the hand to create a more interesting structure on the underpaint. Then, I wanted to use only the Rembrandt like hues of sienna and umber.


View of the Willamette

View of the Willamette

Oil on wood board, 9×12

Sometimes, with the right Light…

During an Urban walk (2013), just before dusk, we discovered that human made structures can take on a certain mysterious otherworldly quality.

The Path to Nowhere

Later that summer, the decaying statue by the abandoned pool reminded me that none of the human made structures are eternal